Players Win Battle, But Don’t Be Surprised If NFL Wins War

In response to the recent article posted by “NFL’s next move will be to seek a stay in appeals court”… It was quite obvious Judge Nelson was not going to stay a decision in which she filed an 89 page decision on the matter. And it is obvious the 8th CA is the next move […]

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Listen to Rodd, of 44 management, tonight

Listen to Rodd, of 44 management, tonight on The Arizona Sports Business Report (The Fan1060AM, at 5:25pm PST. Topic of discussion is the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and the looming NFL work stoppage.

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Rodd has amassed over 10 years in management and the front-offices of the National Football League (NFL) and Arena Football League (AFL), where his duties ranged from the evaluation of collegiate and professional players to the advance scouting of future opponents to negotiating contracts; and a lifetime of accumulated expertise and knowledge in the world of sports that is unmatched by any other.