Top 51

In the off-season, only the Top 51 player salaries are counted against the salary cap. This amounts for some interesting accounting and maneuvering with players salaries and where the player will ultimately fit on the final roster.  This Top 51 amazingly counts that accounts for about 1-2 players taking up almost 20%-30% of the salary cap space in the off-season. While it may seem as though the team is in good shape with regards to budgeting, injuries are inevitable and some players even get into trouble that often cause changes. That does not leave a lot of room for teams to bring in every “high-dollar” player out there. I know you fantasy football fans think it should be easy, but the system is a bit more complicated than you may care to know.   There are only so many spots and there are hundreds of thousands of “Monday Morning QBs” who would give his left $#^ for a chance at playing in the NFL, so teams do not have to rush to making any decision with regard to bringing in a high-dollar player.


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