We Miss You Steve McNair

I am saddened by the loss of former NFL MVP Steve McNair. I was recently watching an episode of Pros vs. Joes (what a hack of a show) that featured Adam “Pac-Man” Jones, Priest Holmes and Steve McNair. While watching that episode, I said to myself, “Self, ‘what do you think it is like for a former NFL MVP participating on this show, and what has he done with all of his money?’” Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a player such as Steve McNair would wind up deceased just days later. Life is a precious gift and even the strong and mighty warrior persona attached to sports figures can never be taken for granted.

I remember being in college in 1995 when the Houston Oilers drafted him and literally watching the transformation of a future NFL star grow from a young kid to a grown man. I even remember the times while working with the Arizona Cardinals we had in-depth discussions about what it would take to get player such a McNair to help improve the Arizona Cardinals. I remember scouting McNair and always giving him a high starter grade for his skill set. He gave many people many great moments to cheer about and even gave some fans much to jeer about. Nonetheless, he was a man whose life was cut too short and a man who will forever be remembered for his life and legacy both on and off the field.

Four children and a loving wife have lost their father and husband, and the greatest hero they have ever known.  A true warrior and hero he was. We will miss you, Steve! May you rest in peace.   


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