The 44m Word Is Spreading

We recently landed another client with 44 management (44m). He is a former 10-year veteran of the NFL and was mesmerized when presented with the 44m concept saying, “Where were you guys at the beginning of my career? I have seen this game from top to bottom [as a player] and no one has ever spoken to me like this. Everything you have taught and said to me is very true. Young guys need to hear this, and I want to do my part to make sure I get as many guys to you as I can. This is real!” He went on to say a few other pointed comments, realizing guidance and direction we are providing for our clients is the way it SHOULD be. What we are doing for our clients is refreshing, transparent, and hits everyone right between the eyes.  Most athletes say they want truth and honesty, but do not want to listen tot it when it is staring them right in their face. Many professional athletes inadvertently push away family and friends who try to give guidance when they see a loved one headed for a disaster, but when that athlete lashes back at the individual who has is trying to help, many often say, “Hey, leave me the %#@^ alone! You’ve got no idea what I’m going through, because you’ve never played [a professional sport]!” These stern words cause those who close to the athlete to take a step back for fear of upsetting the athelete. Thruth be told, most have not played a professional sport nor worked in the front office, and that is where we are different. Our clients may not like everything we have to say to them, but it is ALWAYS the TRUTH, and that is all athletes want in the end. This makes for a great relationship, because we at 44m have played the game, worked in the front office and grown up in the game, so there is nothing anyone can tell us that we have not already experienced giving us instant credibility.

You are the driving force behind the success of 44m, and we appreciate your comments, efforts, and referrals that help your friends and family members understand the dynamics of professional sports so that 44m can assist them with the successful transition from the playing field to life after football.


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