Why the Different Start Dates For Training Camp?

I was recently asked why there are so many different start dates to NFL training camps. There is a very simple answer. Teams are not allowed to begin training camp more than 14 days before their first preseason game. The first preseason game of the year is the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio on August 9, 2009, when the Buffalo Bills take on the Tennessee Titans. Therefore, the Bills and Titans may not open camp until July 25 at the earliest, however the Titans have chosen to open camp later on July 31.

So find out when your favorite NFL team has its first preseason game and count back 14 days to find out when training camp opens.

Keep your questions coming as we get ready for the upcoming football season!

Are you ready for some FOOTBAAAALLLLLLL!?!?!?!?!?


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