Former Players Don’t Scout

Former players are often squeezed out of front-office and scouting positions. This happens because those who are in the positions of power are often fearful of their jobs and do not want those who are knowledgeable and played the game, any opportunity to usurp their power. There are some General Managers, Player Personnel Directors and Scouting Directors, who have not played a down of football past junior high school and are “running the show” for their respective teams.

There are some basic fundamentals that every scout should know in order to properly evaluate a player such as positional techniques, passing tree and basic defensive overages.  During my tenure in the front-office, I found it quite astonishing the number of guys who were “in charge” that are not knowledgeable of such basic knowledge. 

The casual fan may not know these basics and that is OK, because he is not employed to make personnel decisions for the team. There is change coming about with younger personnel directors and front-office executives now bringing new direction and opportunities for those who can bring a different perspective to the game and causing more ease for those fearful of losing their jobs. 


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