Holdouts Affect the Hard Worker

I received a phone call yesterday from yesterday with David Wells, who serves as adviser to his cousin former Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree, and he emphatically denies any reports made by Joe Schad of ESPN that he did not state that Crabtree was willing to sit out the 2009 NFL season. His stance has been and still proclaims to be that he feels there is no other player in the entire 2009 NFL draft that put up better numbers during the 2008 college season than Crabtree.

I can respect his opinion, but I must say that while his opinion may be warranted, the fact remains that Crabtree was drafted no. 10 overall in the 2009 NFL draft and will be paid accordingly. I am not sure what the issue is for either side regarding negotiations, but I can assure any one reading this blog, with a 1 hour class (30 minutes of lesson, and 30 minutes review), I could teach you all you need to know regarding NFL contract negotiations, and any player you represented would be in camp on time and moving on with is career.

The person who is hurting most in all of this is Crabtree. Whatever success or lack thereof the San Francisco 49ers had last year, was accomplished or not accomplished without Michael Crabtree. I’m pretty sure the 49ers Head Coach is not too overly concerned about whether Crabtree is there or not, because he has to play with the players who are there and putting in time now. You can listen to his comments here.

Unfortunately, the fifth or sixth wide receiver on the depth chart who is out on the practice field right now and busting this *&^%, doing everything that is asked of him, may not make the final 53-man roster, because WHEN Crabtree signs his contract in the next week or two, that fifth or sixth wide receiver is going to be pushed down on the depth chart, giving his chances of making the final roster cuts a much lower percentage, and there is nothing he can do about it.


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