Vick-Toc, Vick-Toc

I am shaking in bewilderment my head at all of he recent Michael Vick (#?, yes this is purposeful) talk about “who, what, when, and where” he will be playing with this Fall in the NFL. The problem as I see it for #?, is that he is fighting an uphill battle for each day he is not in training camp, because he is loosing valuable repetitions that would help get him into football condition so that he could help a team this Fall. 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, and girls, dudes and dudettes, I am pretty sure we will not see the same #? we saw playing at a level anywhere near the level he was playing at before he was suspended by the NFL. #?’s sports agent representative Joel Segal, contends “there are a lot of teams that are interested” in #?. I smile in jest at that comment, because the way I know the NFL to operate, I find that hard to believe. With all due respect to former Indianapolis Head Coach Tony Dungy and his comment that he “thinks something will happen this week”, I find that hard to fathom at this time as well.

There are a few issues at hand when it comes to signing #?. First, he will need to take a physical and tryout for a team before he is signed. Most teams will want to take a look at him before making any commitments to signing him. If he begins taking the “tryout carousel” he word will spread VERY quickly as to how the workout looked and that can potentially hurt #? If he is not in the shape he proclaims to be.  That brings up another issue, teams will be showing their hand and it will be a media circus for a player like #? to workout during training camp making it a huge distraction away from the core of players already there. The best strategy would be to wait until teams return to their home training facility and close the practice to the public, giving the workout more anonymity. Lastly, while Dungy may be talking to coaches who have expressed interest in #?, there is the personnel department along with the General Manager in most cases, under the guidance of ownership, that may have a completely different view on bringing in a player such as #?. Talk about a media circus!?!?

For now, do not expect any of the rumblings and rumors spoken about which teams have interest in #? To publically admit their interest. It just doesn’t happen that way. There are many “media types” who throw things against the wall to see if it will stick, and when it does, they proclaim to be a genius. Well the “geniusness” (kids, that is a made-up word, don’t use it in your next research paper) I will leave you with here, is that if no team has signed #? by Thursday before 4:00 pm EST, do not expect it to happen until Next Monday at the earliest.

So as we wait to see “when” something happens, #? remains waiting for a team to call, tick-toc, tick-toc, or shall I say, Vick-toc, Vick-toc.


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