McNabb Had No Input on Vick Acquisition

The signed paperwork of Michael Vick had not “officially” been received by the NFL, as of 9:00 pm EST, so therefore he had actually only “agreed to terms” with the Philadelphia Eagles at the time the news story broke of him playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles. Most times it is a mere formality in getting the contract into the NFL headquarters for approval by the Commissioner, but because Vick and his agent agreed to terms after the NFL mandated daily signing deadline of 4:00 pm EST, Vick is not a Philadelphia Eagle until his contract is approved.

While the media blitz will be on the hunt to catch the first glimpse and comments of the newly resurrected football life Michael Vick (we can now remove his “#?” moniker) at practice, the interesting back story is that the signing agreed to terms between the Eagles and Vick show how much current players are NOT involved in personnel decisions.  In case you missed it, Bob LeGere of the Arlington Heights Daily Herald, posted a story on Thursday quoting current Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler as saying , “Oh yeah. I think they’re definitely going to ask me [regarding final roster decisions]. If they don’t ask me, I’m going to tell them what I think because I’ve got to be the one throwing to them on game day, and I’ve got to trust them. But (offensive coordinator) Ron (Turner) and I have been on the same page since the start of training camp in what guys we wanted to see working in with me and what guys have stepped up and what direction we want to go with this group.”

I am not sure what Cutler thinks his role is on the football team but he is a player first, foremost, and only; not a team official or administrator. He should stick to what he does best and that would be, as quarterback of the Chicago Bears, throwing footballs and calling plays to whomever the head coach along with ownership tell him he his going to have to play with.

A player’s role in the NFL is even more evident with Vick and McNabb co-existing with one another in Philadelphia and shows how much of a replaceable commodity players are with their teams. We have stated before, there is no loyalty in the NFL. It is all about winning games. So long as Head Coach Andy Reid feels he needs a player such as Vick to win football games so the he can remain employed as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and ownership signs off on the move, then the coach will get what he wants. It is not personal against McNabb, but McNabb can’t play forever (now in his 11th year), and the team will have to plan for the future.

How do you think Donovan McNabb REALLY feels about this acquisition? Despite what he says publically, one can only imagine how he feels behind closed doors. The Eagles drafted a quarterback in the second round in 2008 while McNabb was reportedly at odds with the Eagles regarding his then current contract situation and what the future was to hold for him as a Philadelphia Eagle.  He is not as quick to run and make plays with his feet as he did in the early part of his career, and drafting a potential future quarterback to replace McNabb only give insurances to the Eagles.  The signing (Darn, I did it again) agreed to terms of Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles squarely show how much the Eagles organization consulted with McNabb before brining Vick aboard. I can assure you he was not consulted to give his opinion on whether or not the team should make the move and acquire Vick.

I am quite sure McNabb was one of the first players on the current Eagles roster to know of the move before it was presented as public knowledge, by then it was just to serve as a courtesy to McNabb, not as any presentation that was to give him any veto power, approval, or disapproval.  They did not consult with him at all.  I am sure no one in the organization asked McNabb what his feeling were with regard to agreeing to terms (I got it right this time) with Vick, because that is not in McNabb’ job description; never has been, never will be.

It does not matter how much tenure any one player has in the NFL or how great a player he is or may one day become, all players are ALWAYS replaceable, and that will always remain a fact. The Philadelphia Eagles were the Philadelphia Eagles before McNabb and will be after McNabb is long gone from the game. Don’t think I am kicking McNabb to the bench already. In fact, I agree with him that the acquisition of Vick adds another weapon to the Eagles offense. Vick has a lot of work to do in order to get himself back into the player he used to be, but McNabb better not get caught slipping or he will be back home in Phoenix, AZ looking for his second chance while Vick is currently enjoying his own second chance.


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