OMG, Favre (#4)…Again!

I am struggling to even make a comment about this topic, because it has been talked and speculated so much that I think the initial surprise and buzz of the story left as just as quickly as it came.

In case you were asleep under a rock you may not have heard, but Brett Favre (#4) is a Minnesota Viking!  I wish I could tell you something you did not know was going to happen…eventually, so this news is really of no surprise to anyone.

When players get to the point in their careers when they feel they want to retire, most really mean, they do not want to go to practice, not have to attend team meetings, not have to go through two-a-day practices, and not have to go through OTA (Organized Team Activity) mini-camps. So seemingly, #4 has been afforded the dream so many have yearned for.

I must say, it does not surprise me that #4 has signed at this juncture of the preseason.


#4 never publically announced that he was finished. There is something in a man’s voice, actions, and his disposition that will let you know when he is truly finished playing the game; I saw it in my father, RB Emmitt Smith, DT La’Roi Glover, and many other friends of mine who have “retired” from the game. I have never seen that true essence of retirement in #4.  Now the Vikings are willing to pay him $12 million dollars to play a sport he still loves. Who would be so foolish as to turn that offer down? Where else is #4 going to get that kind of money for any other job or career? Nowhere!

My father is 59-years old, played 12 years in the NFL, and is 25 years removed from his playing days in the NFL. #4 is 39-years old and 234 days removed from his last playing day in the NFL. I guarantee you my father, and about 99.9% of players would come out of “retirement” for $12 million dollars, and not have to go through training camp.

It is not that players lose love for playing the game or lack in the ability to effectively compete that drives them to retire, it is all the “other stuff” that causes a player to lose his desire to play on “Sunday afternoon” at the professional level. Most former NFL players would love to lace up the cleats one more time and play in one more big game (not necessarily to get hit though).

With that being said, #4 is back for now, and will eventually have to deal with him retiring all over again one day in the…well let’s just say he will retire one day.


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