9 is between 8, (11), and 12 (part. 2)

Many people do not know this, but Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo was almost a member of Arizona Cardinals. In 2003, I was on the phone with Romo’s agent as one of the final “two” teams vying for the services of Romo after the NFL draft. He actually took less money being offered from me to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys. At that time, I couldn’t blame him because he had a passion for wanting to be a member of the Dallas Cowboys. In 2003, who honestly had a passion to be a member of the Arizona Cardinals?

Yes, even I am a realist!

Since that time, Romo has learned the game at a professional level, becoming a starter and one of the highest paid quarterback’s in the NFL. We noted on this past Wednesday in the blog post, “9 Is between 8 and 12“, the accolades that former Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach amassed during their careers. I forgot to mention that even former Dallas Cowboys QB Danny White has more statistical clout than Romo. During his career, White led the Cowboys to three consecutive NFC Championships and was selected to one Pro Bowl; again Romo is still awaiting his first post-season victory.

There are many players who rise against all odds as undrafted players to become superstar players in the NFL. The fact remains that most who go undrafted never reach the pinnacle of supers star or All-Pro, and Romo may never be the star he was perceived to be.


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