Grow Up Brandon!

If Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall thinks he can continue to act out and cause a ruckus to eventually get his way out of Denver and onto another team, then he is…Right!  Although it may be at a public risk of his reputation today, his actions may help in getting him what he is looking for in the future; a ticket out of Denver. While this may not be the popular opinion, Marshall is creating a market for himself. There will be some, who are enraged by his antics, and there will be others who see his actions as a mere bluff that is not working, but he must to be careful he does not overplay his hand.

Marshall has obviously devalued himself by his antics, but could be a player who is available for trade within the first six weeks of the regular season, should a team be looking for an impact player and the asking price be right for his services. Be mindful there would have to be a serious injury to a starter-caliber player on another team for this to be a real possibility. Add to that, if the Denver Broncos are winning without great services from Marshall, it will only enhance his chances of being released; being that he is in the last year of his contract.

Marshall is a talented player amassing over 2,800 yards and 15 touchdowns since being drafted out of the University of Central Florida in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL draft.  No one can dispute his contributions to the Denver Broncos thus far; however, his current behavior does not surprise me.  I remember sitting in the draft room talking about Marshall and reading his reports. There were some serious concerns about his character and thus we concluded that we would not place a guy like Marshall on our “draftable” list. It looks as though we were correct.

The problem with his current “rant and rave” strategy is that many teams do not trade like they used to in years past because of salary cap implications. Once the word publically gets out that a team is looking to trade player, most teams will usually sit and wait for the team to release the player, because that is generally what happens after a team is unsuccessful in trading a player.  When the current club releases the player, and if he clears waivers, it is then permissible for the player to be sign a contract under new terms according the new team, as opposed to acquiring the current contract of the player upon his release. I hope that was not too confusing.

In other words, when I was in the front-office and caught word that a team was looking to trade a player, I would recommend that we not trade for the player because the team seeking a trade would eventually release the player. That is how most teams operate.

The Denver Broncos management brass is in a situation that can cause friction in the front-office, because Marshall is a talented wide receiver.  Head Coaches do not like to take time to talk about character issues involving players and only want to focus on winning games. If you noticed any of the television clips, Head Coach Josh McDaniels had angst and disgust written all over his face when asked about the antics of Marshall.  Sometimes a disgruntled and frustrated player is one of the best players on the team and is vital for the head coach’s success during his regime. There will be those who want to get rid of him instantly, but then there are those who cannot deny the impact he has on the football field as a player, which will result in wins.

Marshall is suspended for the rest of the preseason. Big deal! That is like telling a kid who gets in trouble he can’t go outside today for recesses although it is raining outside. But then you let the kid outside for recess tomorrow once it stops raining. What punishment did he really receive? It is not like Marshall is being paid for the preseason games, so if you sit him on the bench, he is only more rested and ready to play once the regular season begins. Most starter-caliber players don’t play in the preseason anyway.  Hmm, does that make sense?

I recently spoke with a former teammate of Marshall’s and he informed me that Marshall is not a bad guy; he frustrations are that he does not trust the Broncos’ ownership, because they traded away current Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. I cannot dispute Marshall’s distrust in any part of the organization. He may have legitimate reasons.

But I have a comment for Mr. Marshall, “Grow the &^%$ up!  The Denver Broncos were the Denver Broncos before you and will be the Denver Broncos after you. Ask any former player of the NFL how true that statement is no matter how big of a star player he was during his time in the NFL.”

I don’t expect the Broncos to trade Marshall anytime in the near future, especially being that he is in the last year of his contract and because of the looming NFL owners’ lockout after the 2010 season.  Marshall may continue to pout and whine and make a fuss, but he is only hurting himself in the short term, however in the long term he will get his wish of being released from the Denver Broncos, but it may also be his release from the NFL.

As I once said to a player who was in a hurry to leave his current team and move on to the next, “The grass may be greener on the other side, but it still has to be cut!”


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