Tedy Bruschi: Cut and Retired With Dignity

Earlier this week, former New England Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi retired after 13 seasons in the NFL. While this may look like a formidable way for a player such as Bruschi to leave the game, the truth behind the scenes is that the Patriots did not see a player of Bruschi’s talents and abilities, at this stage of his career, being a consummate contributor the direction of the New England Patriots in 2009.

As one of the more established and well-known linebackers in the NFL, having suffered a stroke that almost ended his illustrious career in 2005, Bruschi has been considered one of the valiant warriors of the NFL.  Bottom line in the “business decision” behind Bruschi’s retirement was that he was not going to make the New England Patriot final roster in 2009, at least not coming out of training camp. Instead of embarrassing him and cutting him from the team, the Patriots did him a favor for the service he gave to the Patriots over his outstanding career.

There are teams who are a bit more callous in their decision to release seasoned veteran players and don’t think twice about just getting him out the door as quickly as possible.

For all of the negative comments spoken about Head Coach Bill Belichick, I give “kudos” to him and Patriots owner Bob Kraft for allowing him to depart the NFL with respect and dignity. Now that is the definition of a classy organization in the brutal business of the NFL.


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