Blount Not Out Just Yet

By now I am sure you heard about the horrible actions of University of Oregon senior RB LeGarrette Blount, who was suspended for the 2009 regular and post season for his punch to the face of Boise State sophomore DE Byron Hout last Thursday night after the no. 19 ranked Oregon Ducks lost their first game of the season to the no.14 ranked Boise State Broncos.  Blount was a highly touted prospect for the 2010 NFL draft. His height, weight, speed numbers were that of a player the NFL considered to be very good at what he does, or otherwise said to be excellent. Blount obviously committed a vicious act for which he will be forever tied to, and may have cost himself millions of dollars in the upcoming 2010 draft. 

How does this affect his position in the 2010 NFL draft? After conversing with many scouts throughout the NFL, many believe that while Blount may have acted too aggressively, but he should not be considered a lost cause as a football talent or as a person.  There are many scouts and executives who will see his actions as deplorable, but that will not be enough to deter some from taking a chance on considering him as a viable NFL prospect.

Blount was considered to be a low first-round or high second-round pick. There are some who will read this blog and think that he probably doesn’t have a chance to be drafted at all. I would challenge that though process.  His pre-season assessment alone (first-round or second-round draft choice) will probably garner him the opportunity to receive an invitation to the 2010 NFL Combine in February. The only reason he will not be invited to the NFL Combine is if there is some type of public outcry and disapproval for him attending the Combine based on his actions last week.

By the time the NFL Combine comes around, most of what he did will be an after though, as long as Blount has shown sincere remorse. I don’t want Blount or anyone else to think he has a free pass to make it to the NFL. He has already dropped to at least a second day draft selection for his actions, and even more so for the simple fact he will not play anymore during the 2009 season due to his suspension by the Oregon Ducks.

There is a lot of growth for society, in general, during the collegiate years of life and Blount is no different. He made a huge mistake and should be punished accordingly.  However, I only hope that he is not “thrown away” and considered another stereotypical football player who had everything in front of him and blew it all because he could not control his anger at the time.


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