Crabtree Update

In a recent text with San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree’s adviser, David Wells, I asked when would we be seeing the announced signing of Crabtree to the 49ers. His response was, “Soo[n]”.

Training camp and preseason are over, and the regular season is now upon us. We start with a clean slate.  No one cares what happened in preseason and definitely not what any player did in college.  After conversing with many former NFL “greats” who played with my dad during his time in the NFL, they all agree that the ONLY person who is being hurt by the hold out is Crabtree. I whole heartedly agree. Not the 49ers. Not the sports agent. Not David Wells. Not he 49ers. Not the fans. Plain and simple; Crabtree is doing himself a disservice.

Crabtree and his camp may feel as though he is a better player than any and/or all of the other nine picks ahead of him and should be paid accordingly based on what he did in college. It may even prove to be true in time that he is better than all of them.  For now, he is just another player who was drafted in the no. 10 spot of the 2009 NFL Draft and will command the money paid for that spot.

Words of advice to Crabtree and his camp of advisers, “Get over it!”

Crabtree has not practiced with the team since Organized Team Activity (OTA) that ended this past June. He has no value to the team at this time and is not going to come in and make an immediate impact on the field. The team will request a two week roster exemption for him and he will sit on the bench for those two weeks. 

The person I feel most for is the player who busted his ^$# during training camp only to be told when Crabtree is then activated, his services are no longer needed.

Now how is that for a fair system of rewarding hard work? If the 49ers wanted to truly do the right thing, they will place the player’s contract that they plan on terminating on the Reserve/Injured (R01) list at least continuing to pay him for the remainder of the season.


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