Football Season is Finally Here

The time has come where we no longer have to wonder what sport (or LifeTime movie for you married ones) we are going to be watching on Sunday afternoons for the rest of the year.

Thursday night’s 2009 NFL regular season opener showcasing the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers, lived up to all of the hype and set the tone for many great moments to come in 2009.

A few of quick shots to kick off the season:

  1. Is it not a shame that the 2008-2009 NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals had to get an extension to sell the rest of their 1,700 in order not to have the game locally blacked out? C’mon, Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States. I know we are in a recession, but you mean there are not 50,000 people who want to see the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers play football?

  2. I was never a believer of curses and being overly superstitious, but this Madden Curse is kinda scary. With Pittsburgh Steelers S Troy Palomalou going down for a few weeks with a knee injury in the opening game, I am truly nervous for Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald this season.

  3. Once the season begins, no player will be 100 percent again until after the season is over. Any and all injuries will be nagging throughout the season. Just ask New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannebaum

  4. Just a reminder…AFC regular season home games are televised on CBS and NFC regular season home games are televised on FOX

  5. Finally, remember Fantasy Football is just that; Fantasy! It is NOT how true/real NFL operations work. I hope you win your Fantasy League though!

My Super Bowl matchup for Miami XLIVNew York Giants vs. San Diego Chargers.  Enjoy the season!


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