Waiting for the Phone to Ring

There are a lot of players who are at home right now receiving updates from their agents who often tell them they have spoken to a team and “mentioned” the player’s name to a number of teams.

What does that mean? Nothing.  It is not the agent who is getting the player the job; it is the player who gets the player the job. It is a hard pill to swallow and an eye-opening reality that a player who was on a team just six months ago, is seemingly an after-thought and no longer of interest to any professional team.   

His family and friends all encourage him and he is working out fast and furious everyday for one more chance.

I commend every player’s passion and dedication for wanting another shot in the NFL, and I always hope each player gets another chance to end their career on their own terms.  But it rarely happens that players take the time when they are not playing to use their time by going back to school, participating in an internship, or enhancing their education.  (I guess for guys like former New York Giants wide-receiver, Plaxico Burress, he can use his newfound jail time to enhance his education.) Unfortunately, many do not realize their time has passed them by until it is too late.

The interesting thing about this post as I write it is that I could actually attribute it to a large number players and athletes I have spoken with throughout my lifetime, and I am sure any one of them who reads this blog may think I am speaking to him directly, but little does he know, his story is not unique and is very common amongst many current, in-between, and former players I have encountered.


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