Leave the Sudden Death Rule Alone

Many have debated whether the overtime “sudden death” rule in the NFL should be more in-line with the college overtime rules where each team gets a chance to possess the ball on offense with a chance to score. The “sudden death” rule is adequate for the NFL level of play and I think the “sudden death” rule should be in re-adapted at the collegiate level.

On Sunday, there were two games in which overtime was played: Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs, and New England Patriots at Denver Broncos. Both were great games and with heart-stopping finishes. There have been those who argue, that the NFL sudden death rule is not fair because the game is decided by a coin toss.  I must say I completely disagree. The Chiefs and the Cowboys both had two opportunities each in overtime to posses the football offensively. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the Cowboys were able to convert on their second possession.  However, the Broncos won the overtime coin toss electing to receive the kickoff and drove down the field 58 yards on 11 plays before the game winning field goal was successful by Broncos PK Matt Prater. Games are decided by players making plays when they are called upon. While the game may be dictated by the offense having the ball with an opportunity to score, it is also defended by 11 players who are paid to stop the opposing offense from scoring. The college rule may seem a little more in line with amateur sportsmanship and equal competition, but at the professional level, there are 11 players on offense who are paid to score, and there are 11 players on defense who are paid to stop the offense from scoring.

There have already been too many rule changes in the NFL that have adversely affected the defensive element of the game. If the NFL game is all about the offense, then let’s just let 11 offensive players go out onto the field and run plays against “air”, and whichever team drops a pass or fumbles a handoff, then the ball goes over to the other team.  (Yeah, right!?!?)

Leave the “sudden death” rule as it stands in the NFL allowing offensive players make plays and allowing for defensive players to make plays. Now that is FAIR!


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