No Rush To Include Limbaugh

A good friend of mine Roman Oben, wrote an excellent piece on his blog for the Washington Post, and after reading a recent article post in the USA Today by a good friend of mine Jarrett Bell, I must say, I agree with the undercurrent of Indianapolis Colts owner James Irsay and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell; the NFL owners will have a hard time approving the sale of the St. Louis Rams  to the Dave Checketts/Rush Limbaugh ownership group.

Three-fourths of the owners must approve a sale before it happens, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was right in his comments that the NFL should “make sure there is meat on the bones before you start getting out here talking about potential owners.”

Limbaugh has every right to pursue and purchase an NFL franchise provided he has the necessary funds and means to accomplish it. We do still live in the United States of America.  However, this does not mean he should be afforded the privilege of owning or even being a part owner of an NFL franchise. Limbaugh is a very opinionated person who can be too controversial for his own good. He may speak as a blundering idiot at times, but rest assured he is no idiot – he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. If he is not controversial, then he is not “Rush Limbaugh”.

My comments are not political statements rejecting or supporting any Republican or Democratic ideology, rather simple comments about a man who has the audacity to utter from his mouth and post on his website, “The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

WTF!!! What am I, as an African-American male, supposed to think of such a disingenuous comment? Where did Bloods and Crips originate? Exactly! The street gangs of Los Angeles mostly made up of African-American males.  Over 70% of the players in NFL are African-American males. Coincidence Limbaugh happened to make those comments? Absolutely not! Let us not even talk about the asinine comments about Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb that got Limbaugh fired, I mean caused Limbaugh to resign from his then position with ESPN in 2003. With the large number of African-American males in the NFL, there is no way anyone could come to any different conclusion that Limbaugh thinks the NFL looks like a bunch of African-American gang members running around on the field.

Thank you for all of your hard work dad (Robert Newhouse), brother (Reggie Newhouse), Jim Brown, Tony Dorsett, Jerry Rice, Reggie White, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Ronnie Lott, Tony Dungy, Herman Edwards, Ozzie Newsome, Lovie Smith, and every other hard working African-American male who has ever had the privilege of playing or working in the NFL. All of your hard work and sacrifice has elevated you to the status of “insignificant ni**er” in the eyes of Limbaugh.

People often misuse of the terms racist and prejudice. A racist is someone who believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. A prejudice person is one who preconceives a judgment or opinion, or has an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds. While most people in society are not racist, most have at some point in life been prejudice (Prejudice is not only associated with race. One can be prejudice towards his family, fraternity, co-workers, friends, etc.) I do not like to loosely throw terms around with using them in the proper context, but there have been too many instances in which Limbaugh has played to his moniker inciting chaos and unfettered banter, so if he is falling into his true character he is doing a fantastic job of not only being a racist and showing his prejudice, but he also continues to be a flat out ASSH*LE!



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