OMG, Here We Go Again!


Another professional athlete has squandered it all!

In a recent article by Shira Springer of the Boston Globe, she recounts how former NBA star Antoine Walker allegedly squandered away a net worth roughly $110 million and is now  B.R.O.K.E., owing nearly $4 million in debt to creditors as stated in court documents.

Antoine Walker is only 33 years old! I sit here and just shake my head.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen how the pitfalls of professional sports for all its glamour and riches, pull guys into a lifestyle with such fury and release them out to the streets in such despair.

I have spoken on this topic so many times before, because no person, firm, or entity is truly able to educate the players before it its too late. With so many moving parts in the short cycle of professional sports, it is very challenging for young athletes and their families to grasp the true essence of their profession until it is far too late. Nonetheless, this is a topic of great concern and one in which we are so passionate about that we have dedicated ourselves to positively affecting the lives of young athletes before they find themselves going from the penthouse to the outhouse in just a few short years. 

This is an important topic that must be seriously addressed in order to correct the long term damage it yields. If you have a friend or family member looking for objective advice and education as to how on the business side of professional sports operates and intertwines with personal affairs, what spots agents really do, how insurance and the financial advisors all fit into the picture, we have the answers.


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