I Am Tired

Doing the right thing and making money are two different things.

I am inundated with all types of advertisements, misrepresentations, and banter from those who proclaim to be what they are not…AND I AM TIRED OF IT!

I am tired of getting emails from groups claiming that they can get you a job in the front offices of professional sports because they have a class or course you can take to obtain the knowledge for the position…LIE!

I am tired of real estate companies representing they are licensed in states they are not licensed and purport to tell those they are…LIE!

I am exasperated by financial advisors who continually sell products in states they are not licensed…LIE!

I am tired of sports agents who tell prospective players about how much money they can make them when the agent really does nothing…LIE!

I am tired of the business professionals who prey on naive sports figures proclaiming to have the next great business venture asking the athlete to pony up his money…LIE!

Where is the reward for those who do the right thing? There are many good people in each of these previously mentioned professionals, but there are also those who are only out for themselves leaving their moral and ethical fortitude at the door once they are connected to professional athletes.

When does is it stop! Where does it end!

I understand why there is so much corruption in the world! Those who tell the TRUTH are out-duped by those who lie, making those who tell the truth lie and those who lie, bigger liars. Fair competition and losing amicably to the opposition is fair; that is why there are rules and laws set in place, but society is too willing to accept results formed from lies instead of results gained from the truth.

Until we truly begin policing ourselves. Until athletes and their families wise up to what is going on around them and take ownership in how they can uncover the truth and make a difference Until those who have been taken advantage of take a stance; there will continue to be those who will lie, cheat and steal in order to get what they need out of each scenario continually leaving athletes further and further behind.

Athletes are conditioned to be skeptical of anything that looks to good to be true. So the con artist has learned how to make things that is too good to be true, look very hard and profitable with a little hard work. When 10 people are telling a lie, and one person is telling the truth, there is no way the truth will make sense in the eyes of the beholder.

Wake up guys and gals, because I am tired!


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