Coach, Punt the Ball

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick needs to have his ego checked at the door for placing his team in such an unfortunate situation on Sunday night in a 34-35 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.  You don’t place your team in a precarious situation on their 28-yard line, in the fourth quarter, with 4:17 left in the game. Oh, did I forget to mention, the team was LEADING by six points. Are you kidding me?

There are those such as ESPN NFL Analyst Trent Dilfer who believe Coach Belichick  did not believe in his defense against Colts QB Peyton Manning. That may be a legitimate concern as there are many who would not like to take their chances against Manning and his amazing comeback ability. Where I disagree with Dilfer is that he thinks Belichick did not believe in his defense.  Belichick   simply had confidence in his offense that they could make the play.  And for what it is worth, it is not as if you could blame Belichick for making the call.  The game was on the line. Gutsy, ballsy, fierce; but a coaching decision that should not have been.  Keeping the decision in context, the Patriots dominated the game in all aspects until the very end when it counted most. 

You cannot blame the offensive players for wanting to execute the play that was called. Any true competitor would want to execute the play that was called under the circumstances. The job of a coach is to not put his players in a position to fail, and that is exactly what Belichick did on Sunday night.


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