Mid-Season Firings Reward Poor Performance

The Buffalo Bills made the first coaching fire of the 2009 season by dismissing Dick Jauron of is head coaching duties. Firing a coach in the middle of the season never does anyone any good. Actually the coach being fired gets rewarded for doing a bad job. Think about it, he no longer has to get to the office early in the morning and does not have to stay late and into the late night hours.  Often during the season, coaches can get to the office at 6:00am and not leave until midnight the next day three to four times per week. Now with one less person to help get the job done, it puts more pressure and strain on the remaining staff to spread out the workload around for the now absent pair of hands. Oh yeah, the former head coach typically still gets paid his reamaining salary while the remaining staff is left with no pay raises (other than small bump for new interim head coach) and have to do more work.

If a general manager or coach is going to fire a coach he may as well wait until l the end of the season because the damage has already been done and there really is no effect on the playbook and coaching philosophy of the offense or defense. This far into the season does not allow for much change to be implemented. Week 10 was the last week for teams to have a bye-week. With no break for the rest of the season, do not expect much change from the offensively or defensively from the Bills. There will be a few subtle and some noticeable differences, but not enough to make much of a difference that will completely turn around the franchise.

I am not an advocate for people being fired, because it does not just affect the head coach, but it has an effect on the entire staff and their families eventually. It puts the entire coaching staff in a lame duck situation which can backfire if the team does not win immediately going forward.

While Jauron has one of the worst records (60-83) for head coaches who have coached 10 seasons of more in the NFL, today’s players are smarter today and firing a coach in the middle of the season can cause a backlash in the locker room and ultimately wind up hurting the team instead of helping. 

Now the Bills must continue their search for a new general manager who will ultimately hire a new head coach and a new personnel department, so as of November 17, 2009, then NFL coaching and scouting carousel has officially begun!


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