The Ghosts of Moss Past

There was a time when Randy Moss was one of the premiere wide receivers in t he NFL. He had break-away speed and big play ability; unfortunately he was also young, immature and would not make a downfield block to save his life.  Some attributes of a player never go away, but there is noticeable growth over time. I recall some of the players on the scout team of the Arizona Cardinals imitating Randy Moss as the scout team payer and re-enacting what was coined “Randy Motion”. They called it this name to emulate a style used whenever Moss was designated to go in motion across the offensive formation on a specific play.  Moss would essentially ‘hop’ as though he were going to run across the formation and would then simply just walk to his new alignment. It was quite the comedic sight to see.

On Sunday, the ghosts of Moss’s past began to re-surface as many pundits and opposing players of the Carolina Panthers claimed that Moss quit on his team after a one reception performance that netted him 16 yards and a fumble on the day. I do not believe Moss quit on his team as some people may have stated he has done, but I do think Moss did not play to his ability in a win over then Panthers.  Moss is not the same immature player who entered the NFL in 1998, nor is he the same player he was when he spent two disastrous seasons with the Oakland Raiders. Moss is unlike any other player who has had a bad game, no, I take that back, he had a bad week, which affected his preparation for the game on Sunday.

I am not making any excuses for him. He is responsible for his own actions and play, and anyone and everyone is entitled to his opinion good or bad. But one bad game does not a player make nor does one good game anoint any single player as great.  Moss had a bad day, and the team won the game.  His accolades and past performances speak for themselves.

Football is the ultimate team sport unlike basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball, where on individual can essentially take over the game all by himself.  Moss may have let his team down on Sunday, but his team won the game, and that is what matters most. I am sure we will not see the same output, or lack thereof, when the Patriots travel to Buffalo next week to take on the Bills, but we will again have a chance to see who wins the battle of 81: Moss or Owens.


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