Charles Rogers and Another Foreclosure

Charles Rogers was drafted as the number two overall draft choice in 2003, and has been recently hit with another foreclosure. Rogers received a $14.4 million signing bonus in 2003, and seems to have squandered it all, and is facing more financial problems.

Another sad story about athletes mismanaging their money, or better yet a story as to how athletes’ money is mismanaged right in front of their eyes.  Rogers is only 29-years old and has already lost a fortune that many never see amassed in two lifetimes.

And for those who are paying attention, Andre Johnson, was drafted the very next pick after Rogers in 2003, in still in the NFL, an on March 3, 2007, the Texans signed Johnson to a six year extension; the deal is worth $60 million and includes $15 million in guarantees.

Hopefully we do not hear about his financial problems in a few years.


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