Football (God) vs Ice (Mother Nature)

Snow is manageable, but ice is unpredictable. Northern cities such as Detroit and New York can deal with he impact of snow, but southern cities are not equip to handle the occasional winter storm. This type of weather is unfortunate for cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, etc. that lie on the “freeze line” of weather. These cities usually do not get cold enough for snow, so it rains during the day and then the rain freezes at night, covering the roads with “black ice”. This is the primary reason Atlanta has not hosted another Super Bowl since 2000. 

I was in Atlanta for the 1994 and 2000 Super Bowls (XXVII and XXXIV, respectively). In 1994, the weather was great and there were no weather issues. In turn, this prompted the NFL to schedule a future Super Bowl for Atlanta. However, when the NFL decided to return to Atlanta for Super Bowl XXXIV, the weather was disastrous. While the daytime activities were usually not affected by the weather, the evening activities were grossly affected. There were numerous wrecks, cars sliding on bridges, many people forced to stay in their hotel rooms, and many night time events canceled for precautionary and safety reasons.

I recall seeing two accidents within 100 yards of me where one car swerved after hitting a patch of “black ice” on a surface street over pass of Interstate 85, and soon there after another car came over  the same bridge and suffered the same result. This was a constant theme during the busy weekend leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

For all the fans, visitors, spectators, local residents, and party-goers out there be careful and know, Texas may be God’s Country when it comes to football, but if Mother Nature has her way, this may be the first and last Super Bowl in Dallas, TX for a very long time.


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