Players Win Battle, But Don’t Be Surprised If NFL Wins War

In response to the recent article posted by Profootballtalk.comNFL’s next move will be to seek a stay in appeals court”…

It was quite obvious Judge Nelson was not going to stay a decision in which she filed an 89 page decision on the matter. And it is obvious the 8th CA is the next move for the NFL. This is where the Houdini acts will happen. The NFL will not start business during the Draft; plain and simple. Next week is plausible, but not during the NFL Draft.

What is interesting is how the NFLPA* (I love the asterisk PFT) will continue to move forward without a CBA. The NFLPA* says the NFL is in violation of anti-rust laws, but agrees with the draft process, so the NFL PA* will no longer be able to re-certify and represent the players if the draft is in place in future years, because that would be an anti-trust violation absent a CBA. If there is no union to represen the players, then that is REALLY giving all the power back to the owners which is exactl what the NFLPA* says it does not want for its “players”. Hmmm…

So which is it NFLPA*? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.


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